One of the main characteristics children have is their imagination. They communicate with the world by dreaming. Children between the ages of 3-6 reflect their imaginations on the pictures they draw in the games they play. Therefore, daydreaming is among the daily activities of children. Their imagination becomes their best friend and helps them through the experience.

So how can we, as parents, develop our children’s imaginations? The best way to develop your child’s imagination is to be in their imagination. Doing activities with your child. For example; What Can You Do to Support Your Child’s Empathy Development?

Draw with your child;

Identify an object and draw with your child the weirdest object ever. You both draw pictures using your own imaginations and talk about the picture you drew at the end. Picture an event that you experienced during the day and tell each other about your picture.

Take a walk with your child;

Take a ride with your child. Where you live, park, etc. you can visit places. Help your child explore the environment while traveling with him. Ask questions to your child. Talk about an animal you encounter while walking on the road.

Play games with your child;

You can play playing house with your child. While playing, let your child choose which toys. Let your child decide which character he should be with and what these characters will do in this house game. We can strengthen your children’s imaginations with various games like these. We, as parents, can develop their imaginations and creativity if we don’t judge their imaginations, seek logic and restrict them. Give your kids the freedom to choose what they want and feel comfortable.

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