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Educational games, activities, studies and content suitable for the age group of your preschool children!

Ad-free and Safe

There are no ads in WeeKiddo and it's completely safe with the member analysis system!

Parent-Child Area

Guided content that you can play and learn together so you can spend quality time with your child!

Socialization Area

Educational content where your child can spend time with children in her/his age group, do activities, play games!


Ad-free and safe

Your child’s safety is priority to us. We analyze every membership and do not let anyone who does not provide our conditions. Besides we do not let advertisements in WeeKiddo. Your child is safe with us!

Educational content

Training online has never been this much fun! As Weekiddo, we create special contents which are suitable for the age and development of preschool children! With WeeKiddo, we aim to contribute to your child's basic education, and do not forget to have fun while doing this!

Parent-Children time

We also offer you special space in Weekiddo to spend time at home with your preschool children! In our educational activities, there will be areas where you can spend quality time and learn new things together. Besides, you will be able to control your child's development in WeeKiddo!

Time to socialize

Did you know that your child can meet other children in the same age group at WeeKiddo? They will be able to experience being a team and teamwork while having fun and learning together!

Manage the time

We know that you are worried about your child spending time on your smart phone or tablet. That’s why we worked with teachers and psychologists and determined appropriate time for your child’s age. The child will only be able to access or system during this time, of course this is notfor you. You can read our blogs and reach our useful contents as you wish.

Be with us in the dissemination of education

WeeKiddo thinks of all the children. We know that there are many children in our world who cannot be as lucky as your child! We will contribute to the education of all children by donating 7% of our income to The Tomorrow School and UNICEF from the first day we open!


Usage Area Freedom

Use it on either your mobile phone or your tablet device, enjoy the freedom!

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Designer: Eylül Deniz Ergün


preschool child development 19 July

What is 2 age syndrome? How to overcome it?

Two age syndrome scares most parents. But what is 2 age syndrome? What do you experience in this syndrome? And what should parents do? You can find more on our blog!

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Merve Şahin

preschool education 5 October

Development of Empathy in Preschool Children

The ability to empathize enables people to understand the feelings of others, accept people as they are, that everyone can have different opinions, and approach people with understanding.

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Sema Nur Özyürek

kids learning self care 6 October

Self-care in children

Self-care skills are the skills to meet the child's cleaning needs such as washing her hands, changing her clothes, feeding, and toilet needs.

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Merve Şahin

About Us

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The developing and changing world brings us the technology that takes part in all our moments. In this atmosphere that enchants and imprisons everyone from every age, it is almost impossible to expect children to stay away while even it is difficult for adults to gain control. So it's time to turn technology into benefits for our children! WeeKiddo is a world where preschool children will learn by having fun with games that are organized according to their personal development and their age, gain experience by making mistakes, gain skills that will strengthen for the next step with each step, and while doing all these socialize with children of their own age and start to have the awareness of being a team at a very young age. Of course under your control!

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