What is 2 age syndrome? How to overcome it?


What is 2 age syndrome? How to overcome it?

The period known as ‘’terrible twos’’ in children is a developmental stage seen between 1 and a half years on average. During this period, children have completed their infancy and begin to see themselves as a separate individual from their parents and other family members. In this process, we observe that children are in a power war with the whole world, say no to everything, do not listen, are unstable, undecided, negative and rebellious, and most parents complain about this situation. Let's examine this period in more detail.

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What are the symptoms of 2 age syndrome?

Do not say "no" to everything, and try wildly to do what you want,

Get angry quickly, give impulsive reactions when not understood

To want to do everything alone,

Not listening to parents, and doing the opposite of what is called,

To want to touch everything, excessive mobility,

Crying in times of crisis, hitting the head against the wall, hitting various places/things What are the causes of the two age syndrome?
The child, who is able to talk and walk after the infancy, which is spent dependent on parents and is impossible to exist alone, gradually moves away from the mother both physically and emotionally with these developmental features. Realizing that he is a separate individual, the child enters a self-centered era and tries to prove his existence to all his surroundings.
One of the reasons for the negative sentences frequently heard in this period is the effort of the child to prove that her own decisions are correct and that her ideas are valuable to her family and others.
The brain of a 2-3 year old child is 2 times more active than the brain of an adult. Behind his sense of curiosity, which can lead to problems, and the questions he has asked without stopping, there is a fast-working brain. That is why the child begins to question everything at once.
How to treat a child with 2 years syndrome?
First of all, what we need to understand is that this period is normal and temporary. As psychologist Vygotsky, one of the leading names in cognitive development, says, child development is the process of crises and revolutions. The fact that children are independent, want to prove themselves, try to know themselves shows that they are in a healthy development process.
Children's efforts should always be supported during this period. Observed mistakes should be explained in an appropriate language while the child is calm, and their success should be commended. Do not think, "If I praise every behavior of my child, my child will spoil." The only thing your child needs during this period is to be respected and to have their own existence accepted.
Provide your children with the opportunity to choose. For example, "Do you want to eat yogurt or salad for lunch?" ask questions like and respect their preferences. In this way, children feel that they are growing up and realize that their own ideas are valuable to you.
At this age, children begin to move, so create action-packed games that you can play with your child at home or in the open. In this way, you will support your child's muscle development.
One thing that parents especially have difficulty in this period is to stay calm. When your child is having an anger attack, take deep breaths while constantly giving you the opposite answers, stay calm and do not answer them for a while if you think you will say something wrong to your child. Telling your child that their behavior is wrong is much more difficult when they are in a crisis, on the contrary, blood pressure may increase even more. Remember that a 2-year-old child is in front of you. Since they haven't learned to control your emotions yet, the task is yours.
Tell your child "You know." feel free to say. Saying ‘’you know’’ both shows that you respect your child's wishes, objections and teaches his child to take responsibility for their behavior.

As a result, with this stress of children, we should respect their behavior during the development period and not call them naughty, spoiled or cranky. Remember, this is a temporary period for the healthy development of children. Try to understand them and stay calm.

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